Govern Yourself Accordingly

by Johan Ess

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There is something for everyone (on the fringe) in this release, with styles ranging from Laptop Punk, Illuminati Breakcore, Good Old Industrial, and Creepy Dub! Representing three years of hard work, this album is Paradigm Challenging… Hellish Weird… Unrestrained.


released September 15, 2007


Produced by Johan Ess

Made between the months of December 2003 and November 2006 at various sites in Orlando, Clearwater, Tampa, and Gainesville, Florida. The audio was then gently massaged for several years and fermented into the fine black goo you hear it as today.

Techno-Shaman Vocals – Keith Readdy on 'Get Out'
Professional Voice – Bonz Xylophone on ‘Anarko Flamingo’
Screaming “NOOO!!!” – Jared Whitham on ‘The Bavarian Rhapsody’

Mastered by Maui Threv (Nophi) with additional mastering assistance by Randy Garcia (Nophi) and Omar Torres (subCon). Originally released on Nophi Recordings.



all rights reserved


Johan Ess Tampa, Florida

Johan Ess was a Tampa, Florida based experimental electronic artist that incorporated surreal soundscapes, challenging themes, and visual androgyny. They had several albums and shows between 2005-2015, but mysteriously vanished thereafter.

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Track Name: Get Out
life is a happy place
to laugh and sing and work all day
make your friends and bide your time
this gift of fruit is so sublime

but if you find yourself diseased
or overwhelmed with misery
leave your tent and seek the center
leave your house and seek defenders

sacrificing your soul to the techno shaman
a superficial token for the common brahmin

we fill our plate with silly issues
ignore vibrations in our tissues
they issue forth yet we ignore
our god's ass bounces on the dance floor
Track Name: Perfect World
fascist men living in a perfect world
you cannot taste the sarcasm
it's a good time to pretend

living life aimlessly
give me a reason to get up
we will travel across the sea to the island of japan

i am trapped in a world inside a world i'll never see
you are trapped in a world inside a world you'll never see

i am more than just a little bit excited
can you not see my face melting?
turning into something else?

set the date, stand in line
make your protest, tap the line
and if it doesnt work for you
burning the building works just fine

basking in your holy glow
always probing your deepest thoughts
when is the last time we went out?
i dont know what i'm talking about

would you like to hear a synthetic pretty sound?

I am dead
Now I'm dead
Track Name: Anarko Flamingo
Corporate Eyeball!!!

fuck the material world
fuck it all, fuck it all

I'm an anarko flamingo

Put me in a box, see what happens
It's not pretty, expect a reaction
I don't live to serve your needs
I won't give you satisfaction

Fuck your worthless agenda
You want everything to be fake
I will not make the same mistake

"I'm sorry, sir. You're going to have to leave this establishment."

Live it all so subjective
Work force nation: Pathetic!
Why blame others for your problems?
You can evolve, it is possible!

Fuck your worthless agenda
You want order and disease
I want license for release!

Why do we have to wear a disguise?
What's the point in believing lies?
Spread your multi-colored wings!
Don't let reality hold you hostage!

"There really is no possible way we can continue this business relationship."
Track Name: Crusade
The leaders do their planning
The newsmen start programming
The citizens are supporting
The crusade is beginning
The watchers are controlling
The soldiers begin their marching
The time has come for a cleansing
The crusade has begun

I am just a part of something higher.
What's wrong? Can you not see it? The greater good.

When you join, you will see the light
What choice do you have? This has always been the way.

Where are your honest principles?
How will it all end? We are conquerors.

Who is ready to fight and destroy?
If you incorporate then we will set it off

Do you want to join my crusade?
Do you want to reject all that annoys you?

No more sleeping! No more teaching!
You've got to find a way!

DoN't join their "movement"
Join My Crusade!!!

We must engage! It's a crusade!
Join My Crusade!!!
Track Name: Capitalism
now that we've reached the future
sex and love are regulated
to lessen the number humans

only one chance every ten years
so bury the doubts cast aside your fears
stuff your wallet and bleach your hair
you're gonna have a televised affair

i am the frankenstein computer god

its broadcast on the dating channel
matched by the polls of a viewing panel

if you cant handle being legit
join the sexual underground
where the deviants hang around

be a good person throw away your gun
cause the 21st century's nothing but fun!
a mind on the dollar for whats in store
shut your mouth lets fuck some whores

submit to techno-capital socialism

you can purchase a cyborg slut
from a dealer in the cannibal district
your new lover will lick.. she will.. CUT!!!

deploy the symbols in your mind
ensure that the papers have been signed
show no weakness to the fire
our modern sacred faith wont tire

we hold our credo as the word
to seize the ones who bring us shame
to fight so our freedom's assured
and executed in our name

i am a product, consume me often
enjoy my flavors, obey my creators
Track Name: Fibrillation
to broadcast the poison so we wont hear
the tall waves rising in the distant heavens
just a pittance of compassion for loyal drones
so one can feel nothing

a single heart beating in an empty room
a lonely heart beating for something true

a single heart beating in an empty room
a simple suggestion from me to you
Track Name: The Bavarian Rhapsody
bavaria, illuminati, fnord.

a secret pact for centuries
to contain our capability
they do it all without a face
a few white men have fucked our fate

you must read the history to understand the hidden hand
you must read the history to understand the hidden hand
you must set your standards higher to taste the forbidden fruit
you must set your standards higher to taste the forbidden fruit

take my hand and we will uncover deception
join the ranks of illuminated seers

the eye in the pyramid
this paper money is worthless
the future's looking like a mess
i think i know what's next

people used to co-exist
now we are the opposite
all because our leaders were
submissive to Control

take my hand and we will uncover deception
join the ranks of illuminated seers

you must read the history to understand the hidden hand
you must read the history to understand the hidden hand
you must set your standards higher to taste the forbidden fruit
you must set your standards higher to taste the forbidden fruit

some conspiracies are true
Track Name: The Number 23
and do everything i can to ensure that i live



big bass blasting on the face of the people
anomalies hidden by the state approved steeple
behind is a feeding tube i tell it rather simple
the rain has started falling but we're almost to the temple

run amok with the buck dont give a fuck
we are the everyday people
cut it up blow it up shut the beast up
focus the light and hit the right man baby
Track Name: Land Sea Air Space
give me freedom of mind
give me freedom of time
give me freedom of space
or at least a partial taste